Zenfolio | John Petro | Bicycle Ride: Lake City, CO, to Slumgullion Pass Summit

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For a road cyclist in Lake City, Colorado, there is not much choice, CO Rt 149 is the only paved road in or out. This ride takes CO 149 south towards Crede but stops (and turns around) about 1 mile beyond the Slumgullion Pass summit. Ahead several more miles south would be the Spring Creek Pass summit on the Continental Divide. I did this ride starting in the afternoon and with the climb up Slumgullion, had I continued on to Spring Creek I would not have gotten back till sunset or later so (sadly) I turned around. Slumgullion summit, at 11,530 feet, is actually higher the Spring Creek summit. From Lake City it is 2.5 miles of mild up and down, then 9 miles of pure, steep, climb.