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The week of Jan 14, 2013, I was in Vancouver, BC, Canada. On Friday evening, completing a pleasant afternoon of walking and photographing, I chanced to walk into MacLeod's Books. What a serendipitous event! Given the plight of many bookstores today, thanks to that marvel of technology you and I cannot do without called the internet, this store is a step back in time in a very good way. The proprietor (I convey this title but it is an unverified assumption on my part) had no problem with my taking photographs. Some of the results are in this gallery. And, they have a great photography book section. I purchased a 1909 book, "The Sinclair Handbook of Photography." They don't have a coffee bar (there are probably a half dozen within a 2 block radius anyway) but if I lived in Vancouver, I'd be a regular at this place.

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