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In May 2012 I was visiting in Atlanta, GA. Walking the streets with my camera I was intrigued by an old school transmission repair shop. The proprietor, Joe, was very personable and hospitable and he gave me free rein to take photographs (sadly, such qualities in a business proprietor are also becoming "old school"). Given the free rein, I was frustrated to be without my tripod and with only my fixed 24mm lens, but the following photo essay is the result. I'm quite pleased with how it came out and I'm thankful for the opportunity that Joe gave me. I would trust this place with my car's transmission.
Joe at workJoe at workOffice wall with mirrorWall in the garageBathroom sinkShop phone - what's that rotary thing?United Transmission, Atlanta, GATransmission parts - HondaJoe and Lucky at workTechnician repairing transmissionTechnician repairing transmissionShop workbenchJoe and Lucky

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