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Full-bodied, full-souled.....a creation of art (OR) an art of creation?? I thoroughly enjoy your captivating photographs.
Your art captivates the soul. I came for a quick look and stayed all morning!
Very nice collection. I like your portraits in particular.
8.tea cupp & gary(non-registered)
looking for pic
7.Jim Schlett(non-registered)
Very well done work and viewpoints. A great body of work.
6.Kathy G(non-registered)
Hi John, Thank you sending our photo, Route 66 (Lion) I took the time to go thru your amazing photographs.. Makes one feel very relaxed :)
5.Kevin James
Refreshing and peaceful mental journey that soothsssssssssss SOUL!!!!!!!!!!
4.Jim B(non-registered)
Saw your photos tonight at Bistro Rx and had to check out your website, excellent images
3.Judy Gregg(non-registered)
My husband and I really liked your photographs. I'm one of the ladies that gave you a ride to Lake City.
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