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Created 12-Jul-14
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I am in the 6th decade of my life,
yet I often feel as if I am still waiting....

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Still waiting for the digital revolutionStill waiting for the show to beginStill waiting for the plot to thickenStill waiting for the saints to come marching inStill waiting to see what condition my condition is inStill waiting to be released from the asylumStill waiting for the call from MoMA for my solo exhibitionStill waiting for my calls to get throughStill waiting for a reprieve from the governorStill waiting for some 'Aha!' that hasn't been thought beforeStill waiting for the invited guests to arriveStill waiting for the skeletons to return to my closetsStill waiting in the company of strangersStill waiting for my power to be restoredStill waiting in the exam room for the doctor to enterStill waiting for someone to give me a pushStill waiting for the numbers to add up