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Following are some interesting links related to bicycling. The "Map and Info" links are rides I have personally taken.

1. Map and information on a fun 25 mile bicycle ride starting at UC Santa Barbara. San Marcos Pass and back:


2. Map and information on a fun 25 mile bicycle ride starting in Lake City, CO. Slumgullion Pass and back:


3. Here is a link run and maintained by a dedicated couple in Oregon about all things bicycle. I recommend it highly.


4. Here is a link to a blog and day-by-day diary of a couple bicycling all over the world. 


5. PHOTOGRAPHY and CYCLING! This link is absolutely amazing, from a young man (most people are young to me) cycling and photographing around the world. This brings tears to my eyes.


6. Link for map of 50 mile bicycle ride originating in Columbia, MD: